If you are looking for team challenges for your office, club, sports team or even your family, THE ROOM is great for team-building! Working together to escape THE ROOM in team challenges furthers cohesiveness and tests the detective in all of us.

As groups work together in team challenges, they discover each other’s skills and abilities. They appreciate how their different skills and abilities help them work with each other to accomplish a common goal. The result? A more successful team.

The social setting of our escape rooms breaks down barriers. Groups share simple logic and problem-solving skills to achieve success. Bonds are formed. Leaders emerge as creative thinking and resolving conflict are put to the test in this fun, interactive, non-work environment.

Our escape rooms can accommodate groups of up to 8 people. Contact us for larger groups. Larger groups can be accommodated with larger blocks of time by scheduling team challenges back-to-back.

This means we can run both Escape Rooms at the same time for a group of 16.

 We can also book times not available for public hours.

Please call us to help you book your date and time. We are always open for groups of 6 or more if we can accommodate you.

Click “BOOK YOUR ROOM” to schedule a date and time for your team challenges or call us at 808-283-6129. Experience the biggest new entertainment concept for team-building in the world!

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This is a fun time indeed! If you like brain teasers and challenging yourself, this is the place to go. I went with coworkers as a team building activity and we all loved it! The hour will be up before you know it, so we ran out of time! But I am definitely going back, I'm determined to escape!

Bridgette D. February 23, 2017

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Escape Rooms are available to groups and corporate events during non-public hours. Please contact us for more information and availability.