Escape Rooms are the biggest new entertainment concept in the world!


Get ready to hunt for clues, solve puzzles and unlock the mystery to escape THE ROOMS! Remember, time is ticking. You have 1 hour to escape THE ROOMS! All rooms are completely different but will require you to scavenger hunt, find clues and solve challenges. A great team building activity because you must all work together to solve your way to your escape. There is nothing physical, only brainpower, organization and creative thinking will make you succeed this adventure. There is a lot you must complete in these rooms. You will be able to ask for help if you get stumped. All rooms are designed to be equal in difficulty, escape rate 25%.

We accept date and time slot reservations until our escape rooms are at full capacity. This means if you are a group of 2, you may be in an escape room with another group of up to 6. Consider it a great way to meet new people!

If you would like to book THE ROOM all to yourself, you have two options:

  • You can either cross your fingers and hope that no one else will book that same date and time slot, or
  • You may choose to purchase all remaining tickets for that same date and time slot.

If you would like to enjoy our escape rooms with folks you know, invite your friends and family to fill the date and time slots to full capacity.

THE ROOMS themes will change periodically and we are always expanding buildings new rooms.

Click “BOOK YOUR ROOM to schedule a date and time for your chance to experience the biggest new entertainment concept in the world! The price per person to play this 60-minute game is $28.50.

Larger groups can be accommodated during non public hours. Please call us for availability. 808-283-6129


The Einstein Escape Room in Lisle

Einstein Room:

Accommodates up to 8 people!

The Einstein room has many pictures of Einstein on the walls and some of his famous quotes.

Maybe they will help you maybe they won’t. This room starts with a scavenger hunt and leads you to various challenges. You must find clues, complete challenges, solve ciphers, a cryptex, and logic problems to ultimately find the code to escape the room.

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I've done several room escapes in the area and this one was by far my favorite. We did the Einstein room. The puzzles were challenging and made you think, but not so difficult that we couldn't escape - but it was close, we only had 5 minutes to spare!!

Kathy M. February 23, 2017

The Gallery Escape Room in Lisle

The Gallery:

Accommodates up to 8 people!

The gallery has 18 masterpiece paintings on the walls. Some of them are forgeries. You must scavenger hunt for clues solve challenges and ciphers to uncover hidden messages and codes to eventually escape the room.

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