The Room Lisle Escape Room Keymasters Hall of Fame!

Keymasters of the Einstein Escape Room AMAZING All-time Record-holding Einstein Room Keymasters!
Angela Davis, Eli Zavala, Bex Rowlands, Pete Sutton, Eric Hays, Booby Jackson and Leah Gallaher
36 Minutes: 14 Seconds

Keymasters of the Escape Room The Gallery AMAZING All-time Record-holding Gallery Keymasters!
Mike Cipriani, Dallas Coffey, Jonathan Tobin, Justin Tobin, David Voskuhl & Laura Thompson
29 minutes: 22 seconds

Keymasters of the Who Dun It? Escape Room AMAZING All-time Record-holding Who Dun It Room Keymasters!
Linnea and John Diggle & Julia and Nick Forshee
46 Minutes: 00 Seconds


More Einstein & Gallery Room Keymasters


Only a select few (under 20%) are able to keep their composure, apply logic, communicate well and work together as a team to conquer THE ROOM!

Here are those select few who have earned bragging rights as Keymasters of THE ROOM!!


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