Experience Real Escape Rooms In Lisle

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Experience real escape rooms in Lisle

“Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods. Your experiences really are part of you.” – Jay Cassano

Real escape rooms are becoming a real-world trend. They are the biggest new form of interactive gaming to spread across the United States. The real escape room experience manages to make even familiar puzzles seem extraordinary.

Real escape games concept is not new


Online escape games have been popular for many years and have been known as “takagism.” Escape rooms started as computer games. The first known real escape room was opened by Takao Kato in Japan in 2007. After the idea of real escape rooms moved into China, Taiwan and other parts of Asia, Kato’s 40-year-old friend, Kazuya Iwata, introduced the game concept to the United States in 2012.

Real escape rooms are a simple concept and easy to explain


Real escape rooms put puzzle-solving skills to the test. Those who enjoy mystery, challenges and solving puzzles willingly pay about $30 for an hour of fun.

Each real escape room has its own unique theme and story. All the mental challenges for a room are incorporated within it. Each real escape room offers a distinct experience depending on its theme. Themes vary from undersea exploration to espionage or a moon base before you run out of air to creating an antidote before a deadly outbreak takes your life, just to name a few.

Two to six real escape room players get locked in their themed real escape room. (Don’t panic. Operators are standing by behind a mirror with microphone in hand. They will share a hint if they see you need a nudge in the right direction). The group must work together as a team to find clues and solve puzzles to escape the room within 60 minutes. There’s something irrefutably exciting about the challenge and mystery of a room full of clues which must be deciphered to find your escape in one hour!

Be alert, but don’t over think. Everything inside a real escape room could be a clue. Clues are often flawlessly integrated into the room. They may be:

  • Riddles
  • Number games
  • Combination locks
  • Actual jigsaw puzzles
  • The number of books on a shelf
  • A bookmarked page in a book
  • A clue written on that bookmarked page in invisible ink
  • An intercom into which a secret number must be typed
  • A hidden part somewhere on the wall that needs to be uncovered to access the next room
  • Many real escape rooms will reveal trapdoors, secret passages and hidden rooms as players progress through a game.

Real escape rooms do not require a high IQ, just teamwork


None of the games require the IQ of someone like Stephen Hawking. No skills are required to take on the challenge of escaping a room before time runs out either. However, the following useful skills will help you escape the room successfully:

  • Search. Some rooms hide things very well.
  • Observe and Discern. Ask this question often, “Is this object I am looking at a clue or not?”
  • Correlate. Someone who can put the clues found with the correct puzzle. This requires a leap in logic. Being able to correlate clues is good for a meta puzzle, for example.
  • Memorize. You may need to remember number sequences or symbols.
  • Do the Math. Yes, math is used a lot. Sometimes you must do the math without paper. Shape algebra is common in real escape rooms.
  • Recognize Patterns. Look for patterns in what might seem like jumble of nonsense.
  • Compartmentalize. Open, non-linear rooms can be overwhelming. Break up your real escape room into individual parts.
  • Oversee. Again, with an open, non-linear room, it can be tough to see where the team should start. The overseer needs to be a strong leader who will guide the team. They need to see how the different puzzles interconnect and where the team should go next.

Real escape rooms are not easy to escape


The challenge to escape a real escape room is real. The success rate averages less than 20 percent. But the degree of a challenge can vary depending on each real escape room business owner.

Real escape rooms are easy to book


If you are reading this blog post and you are not in the Lisle, Illinois area, find a real escape room near you at http://escaperoomhub.com/

Give yourself and others the gift of adventure. Choose a real escape room challenge for some real, face-to-face interaction today. BOOK a time to enjoy puzzle solving, mystery and the challenge of THE ROOM in Lisle here and show up for your real escape room experience.

Have fun and happy escaping!








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