Date Night at The Room Lisle Escape Rooms

4 Reasons to Have Date Night at The Room Lisle

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1.   Learn something new!

Each of our escape rooms are packed with different puzzles and fun facts. In The Gallery, you will learn about art and culture, The Einstein Room will test your logistic skills, and The Whodunit Room will push your detective skills to the limit. As you work together to escape, you might learn something about your partner! Being locked in a room with someone has a way of revealing personalities.


2.   Teamwork and Communication

Studies show clear communication is one of the most important parts of a successful relationship. At The Room Lisle, you will have to work together as a team to accomplish your tasks. So, come on in and sharpen those communication skills! We guarantee the conversation will stick around all the way home.


3.   Quality Time

Escape rooms offer you an experience, not more stuff. What are you learning about your partner while silently sitting next to them in a movie theater or in a bar that’s too loud to hear yourself think? Studies show people are happier when they spend their time and money on activities rather than on things. Take time away from the noise and technology to spend time on each other.


4.   It’s exciting and fun!

To escape the room, you race against the clock, solve challenges and find your way out before your hour is up. Nothing gets your heart pumping like the thrill of the chase. Get your adrenaline pumping and spice things up!


Ready to create an experience and memories to last a lifetime? Book your Date Night now. Valentine’s Day is next week. 

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