Escape Rooms are the biggest new entertainment concept in the world!

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This was a ton of fun! Something different than the usual night out. I had never done anything like this before so had no idea what to expect, but it exceeded any expectations or ideas I had. The owners did an amazing job coming up with the clues and challenges. Will definitely go back when the second room is completed. Thank you!!!

Jenny T. February 23, 2017

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Are you looking for a game that is different and exciting? THE ROOM is a live, interactive mystery escape room challenge. It’s a great game for friends, family and co-workers who love solving mysteries or puzzles. Couples find THE ROOM to be a perfect alternative to dinner and a movie. Our mystery escape room challenge is a fun game for everyone!

Get ready! It’s about time to enter THE ROOM! It’s about time to start the 60-minute countdown! (Tip: Keeping your composure, applying logic, communicating and working together as a team will help you conquer THE ROOM.)

  1. Everyone becomes a main character in the game.
  2. You and your team enter THE ROOM.
  3. The door locks behind you. Click! (Don’t panic! Gamemasters are on standby to give the team a nudge in the right direction if needed.)
  4. The 60-minute countdown begins. (Tip: Keep your wits about you. Get your brain gears turning and start applying logic!)
  5. HURRY! You must work together quickly to find hidden objects, decipher codes, solve puzzles, open locks and gather clues, for these are the secrets to your escape! (Tip: Interesting artifacts await to distract you from your mission, so stay focused!)

Many will not and do not escape THE ROOM. The fun of the game is in the magic, mystery and challenge of escaping (or attempting to escape) THE ROOM. Those who escape THE ROOM will be awarded with the title of “Keymaster.” Pictures and times will be recorded and posted on our website. Bragging rights as one of the few who escapes THE ROOM are the most rewarding prize of all.

BOOK your 60-minute, heart-pounding, mind-testing game of adventure in THE ROOM today! It’s easy! Click here now: “BOOK YOUR ROOM” to schedule a date and time for your chance to experience the biggest new entertainment concept in the world – Escape Rooms!